in Collaborations | 31 JAN 19

David Wiseman’s Dream-Like Furniture Designs

With a solo show opening at Kasmin Gallery in March, the LA-based artist describes how his latest work is inspired by the natural world

in Collaborations | 31 JAN 19
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‘Nature has always played very heavily in this imagined world. I use nature in many different degrees of abstraction. When you look at nature from a microscopic scale, carbon and hydrogen bond in these kind of hexagonal, pentagonal structures’ explains American artist and designer David Wiseman. 

Known for his large-scale sculptural works that draw inspiration from numerous sources including the natural world and global decorative arts traditions, Wiseman will stage a solo exhibition at Kasmin Gallery, New York, in March this year. His unique structures range from elaborate folding screens to decorative inlay furniture. 

Wiseman’s new studio is set to open in Los Angeles in 2019.

David Wiseman will run at at KASMIN, 515 West 27th Street, New York from 14 March - 27 April 2019.

For more information, visit the Kasmin Gallery website.