Lisa Le Feuvre selects Ayşe Erkmen's ‘Moss Column’ from Frieze Sculpture 2023

The inaugural Executive Director of Holt/Smithson Foundation pens a poetic response to the artist’s ‘living sculpture’

in Frieze London , News , Videos | 06 OCT 23
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Frieze Sculpture is so special in its engagement with The Regent’s Park – it is one of my favourite places in London to spend time in. 

Ayşe Erkmen’s Moss Column literally breathes with the park, this beloved place of mine. Standing five metres, taller than the surrounding trees, this is a living sculpture. Made of sandstone and covered in moss, it breathes the air of The Regent’s Park and drinks from the damp London autumn climate. There is a promise of flowing water from a copper pipe – a promise not fulfilled and not needed, here in this drizzly atmosphere. I like unfilled promises, they always leave space for something yet to come. 

Just like the park, this sculpture is a carefully constructed landscape – managed and controlled to create a fiction of nature. From far away, Erkmen’s column is barely visible; perspective makes it blend into the grassy ground that it stands on. But if you get close, it comes into the field of vison, revealing its form and surface.

Moss is deliciously soft to the touch, there is something so seductive about it. This sculpture is so much about being in space, being in scale, and being inside a perceiving body.

Discover more about Moss Column here.

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About Lisa Le Feuvre

Black and white portrait of Lisa in a shirt
Lisa Le Feuvre. Photo courtesy Lisa Le Feuvre.

Lisa Le Feuvre is a curator, writer, editor, and public speaker. She is the inaugural Executive Director of Holt/Smithson Foundation. Committed to communicating and testing ideas, she has curated exhibitions in museums and galleries across Europe, published writings in international publications and journals, spoken in museums and universities across the world, sat on numerous award panels, and has played a pivotal role in shaping academic and arts organizations. Previously based in the UK, she led the Henry Moore Institute (2010-17), was an academic based in the graduate Curatorial Program at Goldsmiths College, University of London (2004-10), led the contemporary art program at the National Maritime Museum (2005-09), and until 2004 was Course Director of the graduate program in Arts Policy and Management at Birkbeck College, University of London.



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Artwork: Ayşe Erkmen, Moss Column, 2023. Presented by Dirimart