in Frieze London | 19 OCT 23

Frieze Sculpture Conversations: Nature

Frieze Sculpture curator Fatoş Üstek talks to artists Yuichi Hirako, Suhasini Kejriwal and Hans Rosenström about conjoining the natural and artificial

in Frieze London | 19 OCT 23
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For Frieze Sculpture 2023, curator Fatoş Üstek spoke over Zoom to participating artists in a series of wide-ranging themed discussions. In this conversation, artists Yuichi HirakoSuhasini Kejriwa and Hans Rosenström, whose work at Frieze addressed, employed or questioned nature, talk about introducing their work to the (un)natural environment of a central London park.

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In this discussion: 

Yuichi Hirako: Where I was born there were a lot of mountains, farms and rivers nearby, so for me, that is nature. When I was in London I understood that the nature for me may be different from the concept of nature for others. So, nature is not a fixed concept. 

Suhasini Kejriwal: The only thing that brings me some relief is that the nonhuman world existed before us. For years and years before the human race was born, life existed on the planet. So it will endure, I feel, and that brings me a lot of peace.

Hans Rosenström: I grew up in a small town in southern Finland near the forest, so I spent a lot of time in nature, and was very curious and observing. But it dawned on me – only when I was maybe 20 – that the forest I spent time in is actually a commercial forest and it’s very deprived of biodiversity. When we think about what nature is, most of it has to live with humans; it’s already had to find forms to survive with us.

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