in Collaborations , Videos | 29 OCT 20

Making Britain Home: Raqib Shaw

Behind the door of a South London industrial conversion, the Indian artist has created environments of wonder equal to his paintings

in Collaborations , Videos | 29 OCT 20
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Britain has always been home to creative people from many places and cultures. In this video, Raqib Shaw gives us a peek at his combined home and studio, created in the unlikely setting of a former sausage factory in Peckham. Born into a family of merchants in Calcutta, India, Shaw decided to become an artist after moving to Britain, though his acclaimed work reflects the ‘incredible melting pot’ of Kashmir, where he grew up. The scent of jasmine flowers from the garden he created this year still remind him still of home: though he embraces gardens as ‘a British thing’. Certain flowers from the garden will appear in paintings he is currently working on in the studio, Shaw says, so ‘there is an incredible osmosis between the space and the practice.’

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