in Collaborations , Videos | 29 OCT 20

Making Britain Home: HAAi

Step inside the plant-loving Australian DJ’s bright, open-plan East London loft

in Collaborations , Videos | 29 OCT 20
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Britain has always been home to creative people from many places and cultures. In this video, Teneil Throssell – aka HAAi – welcomes us into her converted warehouse space in Clapton. Moving from a small town in far north-western Australia to London to pursue music, HAAi loves the space’s high ceilings and large windows, which fill it with light. The loft is home to her plants, records and her cherished, British-made speakers. HAAi has always felt drawn to the East End, she says: ‘I think living in this part of London has definitely had a huge influence in the music that I make.’‘

Jo Malone London introduces a line-up of new home products. As the British home is a place of memory and meaning, with a character and personality that has settled layer upon layer, each home product is designed to tell its own inspiring story. How will you tell yours?

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