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Making Britain Home: Eva Sonaike

The German-Nigerian textile designer reveals the personal touch and cultural fusion brought to a typical North London semi

in Collaborations , Videos | 29 OCT 20
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Britain has always been home to creative people from many places and cultures. In this video, Eva Sonaike tours us around her 1930s semi-detached house, where she has always been trying to take ‘the best from both worlds’. Born in Germany to Nigerian parents, it was in London that she started her eponymous African textile brand. Bearing her ‘personal touch’ and filled with her own textiles, family heirlooms and African tribal sculpture, Sonaike says she was originally drawn to the house by its energy and its original features: like the fireplace, which she considers a typically British trait. Sonaike credits moving to the capital as the best decision of her life: ‘I can be who I want to be here.’

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