in Collaborations | 20 JAN 23

Ikoyi’s Jeremy Chan Welcomes the Year of the Rabbit

The Michelin-starred chef explains how the Lunar New Year is about sharing food with family

in Collaborations | 20 JAN 23
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Marking Frieze’s first art fair in Asia, the new video series ‘A Year of Gifts’ traces a calendar of celebrations from Korea’s Chuseok to Diwali’s ‘festival of lights’, exploring the relationship between tradition, gift-giving and creativity.

Born from a Canadian mother and a Chinese father, some of Jeremy Chan’s most vivid memories of Lunar New Year are tied to his childhood in Hong Kong. Looking forward to the Year of the Rabbit, his own sign in the Chinese zodiac, the chef summons images from his past: watching fireworks, the taste of White Rabbit sweets and a red envelope containing money are amongst them. Co-owner of Ikoyi, the Michelin starred restaurant now located at London’s 180 Strand, the chef talks about how the cooking smells of tsaoko, ginger and garlic remind him of his father and the importance of sharing food with friends and family. The last gift he gave? A lavish dinner for his best friend, who is also a chef. ‘Gifting others is important to me’, Chan says, ‘because it’s an opportunity to showcase your appreciation for them’.

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