in Collaborations , Videos | 16 SEP 21

Michaela Yearwood-Dan’s London is ‘a Collection of Little Villages’

For the last video in the series on creatives and their home cities, the acclaimed South London-raised artist shares a slice of her home life in Leyton

in Collaborations , Videos | 16 SEP 21
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Jo Malone London’s line-up of Home products is inspired by the British home as a place of memory and meaning, with a character that has settled layer upon layer. Four new videos made in collaboration with Jo Malone London chart the relationship between personality and place through the stories of four creative individuals and the global cities they call home. 

‘I can hear birds right now.’ Leyton, the East London neighbourhood which artist Michaela Yearwood-Dan calls home, is for her a place imbued with calm and comfort. Proudly raised in South London - she eschews strict geographic loyalty for a sense of adventure about the breadth and variety of the city’s districts. London’s ‘like a collection of little villages’, she notes, ‘there are so many different scenes and places to go to for inspiration’. It was surprisingly through the ‘solitude’ of the COVID pandemic that Yearwood-Dan found her art-filled flat began to truly feel like home. A feeling of introspective consideration is conveyed by Yearwood-Dan’s paintings, which are rich in colour and texture, and often feature snatches of poetic text and botanical references (the artist loves the aroma of juniper and vetiver, she confesses.) Exhibited at galleries including London’s Tiwani Contemporary and, most recently, at Marianne Boesky in New York – her layered but direct, deeply personal but determinately accessible work, has the abundance she identifies with her home city, where being an artist is worthwhile ‘because it has everything’. 

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