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JiaJia Fei Makes New York City Home

In the first of a new series asking how creative individuals find a home in the city, the art world digital strategist explains how NYC always ‘gives back whatever you put in’ 

in Collaborations , Videos | 02 JUN 21
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Jo Malone London’s line-up of Home products is inspired by the British home as a place of memory and meaning, with a character that has settled layer upon layer. Four new videos made in collaboration with Jo Malone London chart the relationship between personality and place through the stories of four creative individuals and the global cities they call home.

‘A lot of people gravitate towards New York,’ says digital strategist JiaJia Fei. ‘There’s this incredible energy of ambition and motivation that we’re all feeding from.’ Born in China, Fei grew up in Washington D.C. but after graduating moved to New York City to pursue a career in art: ‘New York City is the art world,’ she explains in this video. After stints at the Guggenheim Museum and the Jewish Museum, among others, she helps museums, galleries, arts organisations and artist, use technology to reach wider audiences. She makes her home in Brooklyn’s Carroll Gardens, a neighbourhood she ‘adores’. Her quirky apartment includes artworks, gifts from friends – including a crystal-embellished 3-d printed hat by designer Heidi Lee – and her collection of reclaimed picture frames, which she collects from the city’s streets. Her favourite view? The New York City skyline, which look at makes Fei ‘feel humbled, and part of something that’s bigger than myself.’

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