in Collaborations , Videos | 07 NOV 23

Praachi Raniwala’s Diwali Decorations

The fashion and lifestyle writer explores the traditions of the Hindu ‘festival of lights’, and explains how a gift is only complete with a handwritten note

in Collaborations , Videos | 07 NOV 23
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Marking Frieze’s first art fair in Asia, this new video series ‘A Year of Gifts’ traces a calendar of celebrations from Korea’s Chuseok to Diwali’s ‘festival of lights’, exploring the relationship between tradition, gift-giving and creativity. 

‘Metaphorically, it stands for then triumph of light over darkness,’ says Praachi Raniwala, ‘of good over evil.’ The Mumbai-born fashion and lifestyle journalist and founder of Bloom Barn is talking about Diwali, the traditional Hindu festival of light, taking place this year on 12 November. Beyond celebrating brightness and hope, Diwali is ‘a great time to be connected with your culture and heritage,’ says Raniwala. For her, decoration is key, and Diwali involves elaborate table settings and many flowers, including what she calls the ‘quintessentially Indian festival flower’, the marigold. She takes the same care when gifting, insisting on personal handwritten notes, and saving the ones sent to her by friends and loved one. ‘It’s not just about the tangible gift for me,’ she explains. ‘I think how you present your gift is just as important.’

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