in Collaborations , Videos | 27 AUG 21

Kulapat Yantrasast Creates His Own Space in Los Angeles

From his self-designed concrete house in Venice, the acclaimed architect discusses what makes his adopted home ‘extremely forgiving’, in the third video in the series on creative cities

in Collaborations , Videos | 27 AUG 21
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Jo Malone London’s line-up of Home products is inspired by the British home as a place of memory and meaning, with a character that has settled layer upon layer. Four new videos made in collaboration with Jo Malone London chart the relationship between personality and place through the stories of four creative individuals and the global cities they call home.

Architect Kulapat Yantrasast describes his practice as an architecture that ‘makes people like each other’. In this video, he opens up his self-designed home in Venice Beach, Los Angeles, which abounds in textures of concrete and an array of art and objects, something which Yantrasat says reflect his ‘curious’ nature. As the Founder and Creative Director of WHY, Yantrasast has overseen major and often award-winning projects for cultural institutions ranging from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences Museum, David Kordansky Gallery and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. For his own home, he reflected on his upbringing in Thailand, drawing on the sensory intensity of the tropical terrain and the traditional Thai house model where ‘the main floor is actually on the second floor’, connecting the space with sunlight and vistas of the surroundings. This pursuit of his own  vision chimes with Yantrasast’s understanding of Los Angeles as a city that allows people space to be left alone with their own projects: ‘to experiment, to explore.’ 

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