in Frieze Masters | 29 SEP 20

Spotlight: Visionaries of the 20th Century

Explore solo presentations by pioneering modern artists on Frieze Viewing Room from 9 to 16 October 2020

in Frieze Masters | 29 SEP 20
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Eikoh Hosoe
Eikoh Hosoe

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Spotlight brings together solo presentations by radical and pioneering artists of the 20th century. The celebrated Frieze Masters section is curated by Laura Hoptman (Executive Director, The Drawing Center in New York).

Featured Galleries and Artists

Viola Frey
Viola Frey

1/9unosunove Gallery presents a selection of painting by Sergio Lombardo dating back to artist's “pop” years: Typical Gestures (1961-1963)

acb Gallery presents a selection from the recently rediscovered oeuvre of Hungarian photographer Katalin Nádor(1938-2018). While working as museum photographer, Nádor developed an experimental practice reflecting the visual heritage of abstract Hungarian photography, and the new constructivist, geometric practices of the local contemporary art scene. 

Galeria de Arte Almeida e Dale: Rubem Valentim’s works are structurally organized and composed of abstract signs, that are geometric reductions of Orixá, from the Afro-Brazilian religions Candomblé and Umbanda 

Berg Contemporary will showcase graphic works by the Swiss artist Dieter Roth (1930-1998)

The Gallery of Everything and Fleisher Ollman Gallery presents Felipe Jesus Consalvos private opus, encompassing hundreds of two- and three-dimensional collages. His inverted canonisation of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Queen Victoria are closely connected to his radical views on slavery, emancipation and the working mans’ rights 

Felipe Jesus Consalvos, Women, c 1920-60 mixed media collage on wood carving
Felipe Jesus Consalvos, Women, c 1920-60 mixed media collage on wood carving copy

Henrique Faria: presentation of Ana Mercedes Hoyos, a Colombian painter, sculptor and a pioneer in modern art in the country. 

GAVLAK proposes a solo presentation by Californian artist Viola Frey (1933- 2004.), a key participant in the Funk and Bay Area Figurative movements in California in the 1960s 

Handel Street Projects Showing “spatial compositions” (abstract sculptures) from Olga Jevrić, a sculptor from Belgrade, Serbia.  

Michael Hoppen Gallery: will present work by Hosoe Eikoh, one of Japan's most iconic post-war photographers, renowned for his legendary collaborations and impeccable aesthetics. 

kó's solo booth presents rare works by Nigerian artist Ben Enwonwu, a leading pioneer of Nigeria’s modern art movement 

Ben Enwonwu
Ben Enwonwu

Loeve&Co: will present work by English water coulourist Patrick Procktor reflecting his life of travel to places including China, India, Italy, and Morocco. 

Galeria Millan presents Portuguese-born Brazilian artist Artur Barrio, one the foremost figures of Action Art and conceptualisms in Latin America 

Perve Galeria presents a core of artworks by self-taught Portugese artist Teresa Balté from the 1960s. The majority of the collection was made in the late period of the decade, during the socio-economic student movement of May 1968 in Paris (TBC) 

Richard Saltoun Gallery: will present work by Renate Bertlmann who represented Austria at the Venice Biennale in 2019. The display features work from Bertlmann’s Magic Carpet series and related group of sculptures, a defined body of work created between 1988 and 1998. 

Renate Bertlmann
Renate Bertlmann

Aurel Scheibler presents German sculptor Norbert Kricke 

Sophie Scheidecker will present works from the 1930s–60s by the surrealist artist Kati Horna (Hungary, 1912–Mexico, 2000) – avant-garde photographer, known for her images of the Spanish Civil War 

Stephenson Art: presenting work by Alexander Archipenko, who was born in Kiev (Russian Empire, now Ukraine), and worked in Moscow, Paris, Berlin and Nice. Archipenko pioneered the use of the negative space in sculpture. 

Vadehra Art Gallery: This presentation brings together a rare collection of Benodebehari Behari Mukherjee’s paper-cuts, which were produced from 1957 into the late 1960s. 

waldengallery presents the project "Magali Lara, The personal. The Intimate", a selection of works by Mexican artist Magali Lara. In this group of works, conformed by three series created between 1977 and 1981 


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