in Frieze | 04 MAY 18

Trailer: Wu Tsang - ‘Into A Space Of Love’

A magical realist documentary that explores the legacies of house music rooted in New York underground culture

in Frieze | 04 MAY 18
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Wu Tsang’s new film Into A Space Of Love – starring Kevin Aviance, Kia LaBeija with Taina Larot, Jeff Simmons, Shaun J Wright, and Venus X – is the first in the Second Summer of Love series collaboration between Gucci and Frieze, exploring the impact of 1988 – the year which saw a music-driven cultural revolution of the same magnitude as the ’60s counterculture movement. 

From New York House (Wu Tsang), to Acid House (Jeremy Deller), to Italo Disco (Josh Blaaberg), four specially-commissioned artist films explore the lasting impact of the Second Summer of Love, thirty years ago up to today.