in Collaborations , Videos | 23 AUG 19

Jenn Nkiru - ’Black to Techno’

An exploration of the radical techno movement that originated in Detroit 

in Collaborations , Videos | 23 AUG 19
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Black to Techno excavates and explores the unique and total nature of the circumstances that birthed the movement: touching on everything from Detroit’s heritage as the home of Fordist automation and the rhythm of the production line, to the influence of the Motown artists, and the city’s groundbreaking icon, Aretha Franklin. Embedded in black, working and middle class experience, it became an expression of revolutionary hope and optimism.

Likened to a VHS tape filled with traces of different recordings, Jenn Nkiru creates a spiky collage of intersecting narratives and conceptual frameworks that offers more than an origin story of techno, but rather a ‘cosmic archaeology’, in the artist’s words.

Black to Techno is the final film of a four-part project by Frieze and Gucci, Second Summer of Love