in Collaborations , Videos | 26 JUL 19

Wu Tsang - ‘Into A Space Of Love’

A magical realist documentary that explores the legacies of house music rooted in New York underground culture

in Collaborations , Videos | 26 JUL 19
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Past, present and near-future visions of New York nightlife are blended together against the backdrop of house music, in a film that mixes the tenderness of aging with the vigilance of youth.

Directed by award-winning filmmaker and artist Wu Tsang, the realist documentary explores the legacies of New York House and its roots in underground culture.

Into a Space of Love is the first of a four-part film project by Frieze and Gucci, Second Summer of Love, which delves into the enduring impact and international explosion of electronic music and youth culture in the 1980s.