Watch Now: Taja Cheek’s Tour of Frieze New York

The musician and Artistic Director of NYC’s Performance Space highlights works by Chella Man, Ellen Fullman, Beatriz Cortez and Kembra Pfahler

BY Taja Cheek in Frieze New York , Interviews , Videos | 05 MAY 24
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“I believe that performance is inherently inter-disciplinary,” says Taja Cheek, musician and Artistic Director of New York’s Performance Space, as she introduces her personal tour of Frieze New York 2024. 

In a fair that has seen intense and challenging performances from the likes of Matty Davis, Ellen Fullman and Chella Man, Cheek’s belief has been amply borne out. In this video, she selects works from the fair that embody her conviction, including those by Fullman and Man, but also works that might not immediately appear performative: a feather piece by Beatriz Cortez that highlights “the way that objects can be time-based” and a characteristic (and characterful) poster by confrontational NYC legend Kembra Pfahler.

“It’s really special to be working in performance now,” says Cheek.

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Performance footage: Kembra Pfahler, On the Record / Off the Record, 2021, live-stream performance, with The Girls of Karen Black: Caroline Mills, Alice Moy and Jackie Rivera; ASL Amber Berteloot, Interpret This!; music by The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black: Samoa Moriki, Joe Darkside, Gyda Gash, Benjamin Seacrest, Cornelious Loy, and “The Horror Has Gone” by ANOHNI; video direction, lighting, and live edit, Glen Fogel.

Images: Ellen Fullman in her studio, Berkeley, California, 2024. Photograph Ian Bates

Taja Cheek is artistic director of Performance Space New York, USA.