in Collaborations | 28 SEP 18

Zeng Fanzhi: In the Studio

With three concurrent shows opening in Hong Kong, London and Zurich, the Beijing-based painter talks about his dichotomous practice, taking in Eastern and Western influences and moving from portraiture to abstraction and back again

in Collaborations | 28 SEP 18
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Born in Wuhan, China in 1964, Zeng Fanzhi is one of the most celebrated painters working today. ‘I love breaking new ground, so my paintings have no boundaries’, the artist says of his practice which moves freely between abstraction and representation. ‘This should be regarded as one exhibition, but held in three different places’ he says of his three exhibitions opening at Hauser & Wirth galleries in Zurich, London, Hong Kong, this September and October. ‘The exhibition in London features mainly portraits, and the one in Zurich features mainly abstract paintings, while the show in Hong Kong develops the artist’s research into paintings from both Westerns and Eastern canons, from Paul Cézanne to Zhao Gan, observing and tracing the striking similarities in their techniques. 

‘Zeng Fanzhi: In the Studio’ opens at Hauser & Wirth on 22 September in Zurich, 2 October in London, and 8 October in Hong Kong. All run until 10 November 2018.

For more information visit the Hauser & Wirth website

A Frieze Studios production; all artworks: © Zeng Fanzhi