in Frieze | 25 APR 16

Newcomers to Frame

A profile of seven emerging galleries debuting at Frieze New York

in Frieze | 25 APR 16

Debuting at Frieze New York, a look at blank, High Art, Hannah Hoffman Gallery, Jan Kaps, Eli Ping Frances Perkins, Regards and Truth and Consequences - the newcomers from across the world taking part in Frame, the section dedicated to solo presentations by galleries under eight years old.

Igshaan Adams, Surah Al-fatiha II (part one), 2016, woven nylon rope, beads and string. c.241 x 230 cm. Courtesy: blank, Cape Town

Gallery Name: blank

Stand: B25

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Director: Jonathan Garnham

Represented artists: Igshaan Adams, Jan-Henri Booyens, Kerry Chaloner, Jared Ginsburg, Donna Kukama, Turiya Magadlela, Misheck Masamvu, Kyle Morland, Gerda Scheepers, James Webb

Recent show: James Webb, 28 Jan – 5 Mar 2016

At Frieze New York: blank will show a new series of large-scale wall tapestries by Igshaan Adams (b.1982), a South African artist who employs traditional techniques such as weaving, embroidery and thread work to investigate the idea of hybrid identity in relation to race and sexuality. 

Joe Zorilla, Untitled, 2014, found doors, sculpted ice and string. Courtesy: Hannah Hoffman Gallery, Los Angeles

Gallery Name: Hannah Hoffman Gallery

Stand: B22

Location: Los Angeles, USA

Directors: Erin Falls

Represented artists: Rey Akdogan, Isabelle Cornaro, Ann Craven, Sam Falls, John Finneran, Matt Sheridan Smith, Joe Zorilla

Recent show: Isabelle Cornaro, 23 Feb – 19 Mar 2016

At Frieze New York: Hannah Hoffman Gallery is showcasing the work of Los Angeles-born artist Joe Zorilla (b.1982). A continuation of his on-going series ‘Structures More Like Breathing’, Zorrilla’s work takes inspiration from the irregular rhythms of everyday experience. Making use of a spectrum of mediums, the artist is as interested in the surface of a bruised apple as he is in the spaces between the rungs of a ladder.

Valerie Keane, Kazu X, 2015, acrylic, stainless steel, polyolefin, rubber, neon, electronic transformer. 157 x 23 x 5 cm. Courtesy: High Art, Paris

Gallery NameHigh Art

Stand: B23

Location: Paris, France

Directors: Jason Hwang, Philippe Joppin, Romain Chenais

Represented artists: Olga Balema, Robert Bittenbender, Keith Farquhar, Tom Humphreys, Cooper Jacoby, Valerie Keane, Nina Könnemann, Bradley Kronz, Alan Michael Pentti Monkkonen, Max Hooper Schneider, Dena Yago, Nathan Zeidman

Recent show: ‘Chasser le Dragon’, 13 Feb – 19 Mar 2016

At Frieze New York: High Art will present the work of US artist Valerie Keane (b.1989), the subject of a recent solo exhibition at Lomex, New York. Keane’s presentation takes the setting of the contemporary art fair as its starting point, distilling the environment into fantastical and violent forms.

Jean-Marie Appriou, 2014. Courtesy: Jan Kaps, Cologne

Gallery Name: Jan Kaps

Stand: B36

Location(s): Cologne, Germany

Directors: Jan Kaps

Represented artists: Jean-Marie Appriou, Peppi Bottrop, David Flaugher, Violet Dennison, Tobias Hoffknecht, Patricia L Boyd, Jessie Stead

Recent show: Tobias Spichtig, 12 Feb – 2 Apr 2016

At Frieze New York: Jan Kaps gallery will bring floor-based sculptures by Patricia L Boyd (b.1980), building upon their solo show of her work last year. Boyd’s recent series, titled ‘Under Glass’ (2015-16), comprises silkscreen prints, pressed under sheets of glass, which record the artist’s own back after undergoing ‘cupping’ therapy. 

Rochelle Goldberg, The Leaks That Link: Intraction #3. Courtesy: Eli Ping Frances Perkins, New York

Gallery Name: Eli Ping Frances Perkins

Stand: B33

Location(s): New York, USA

Directors: Eli Ping, Frances Perkins

Represented artists: Rochelle Goldberg

Recent highlight: Tim Eastman, 19 Feb – 20 Mar 2016

At Frieze New York: New Yorker Rochelle Goldberg’s (b.1984) Frame presentation is a fluid ecology within which objects and actions appear unfixed. Making use of metallic glazes, porous ‘skins’ and the mingling of materials, Goldberg’s work captures the viewer in a situation of complicity.

Nick Bastis, When you don’t find what you’re looking for, sleep (Gemini Bauce), 2015, vinyl padding, Helix aspersa snails. Courtesy: the artist and Regards, Chicago

Gallery Name: Regards

Stand: B29

Location(s): Chicago, USA

Directors: Mike Schuh, Natalie Popovic Schuh

Represented artists: Aline Cautis, Christopher Aque, Judith Geichman, Kristen Van Deventer, Megan Greene, Matthew Metzger, Nick Bastis

Recent Show: Noelle Allen, ‘Low Fire’, 27 Feb – 9 Apr 2016

At Frieze New York: Regards gallery will host Brussels-born Nick Bastis (b.1985), an artist whose practice is concerned with transaction or exchange, be it material, linguistic or affective. For Frame, Bastis will present a variety of sculptures and a mix of graphic works.

Daniel Dewar & Grégory Gicquel, La Figure, 2014, concrete. 105 x 66 x 63 cm. Courtesy: the artists and Truth and Consequences, Geneva

Gallery Name: Truth and Consequences

Stand: B32

Location(s): Geneva, Switzerland

Directors: Mike Schuh, Natalie Popovic Schuh

Represented artists: Mathis Altmann, Stéphane Barbier Bouvet, Kim Seob Boninsegni, Vittorio Brodmann, Daniel Dewar & Grégory Gicquel, Charles Irvin, Liz Craft, Pentti Monkkonen, Ulrich Wulff

Recent Show: Seyoung Yoon, 21 Jan – 5 Mar 2016

At Frieze New York: Truth and Consequences are showing Parisian duo Daniel Dewar & Grégory Gicquel, artists who place importance in ideas of craft and making. For Frame, they will present a stone mural with protruding pipes and two rows of hand-carved bench sculptures, accompanied by two large ceramic pitchers and hand-woven silk seat backs. 

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