Vote for your Favourite Planet-Repair Initiative with Frieze and Pinwheel

At Frieze London and Frieze Masters 2022 the environmental organisation Pinwheel will raise awareness and pledge funds for a series of planet-repair initiatives

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Launching alongside Frieze London and Frieze Masters 2022, a new initiative in collaboration with Pinwheel will ask visitors to the fairs and, to vote for the organisations they would like to receive Frieze’s support. Visitors will also have the opportunity to contribute to their chosen charity themselves, with Frieze pledging to match-fund visitors’ contributions. 

The organisations selected to be a part of the launch include: 

Kelp Restoration with Platform Earth
Platform Earth is an artist-led organisation, bridging the gap between the arts and sciences, who believe that the wider art community has the power to make a tangible and real contribution to mitigating climate change with a focus on marine carbon capture. Platform Earth has partnered with Sussex Kelp Restoration Project with the aim to restore the severely depleted kelp stocks in Sussex to its historic levels. Successful restoration of the entire area is estimated to be able to capture 800 tonnes of CO2. 

Re-greening in Africa with Justdiggit
Justdiggit brings employment to local people (Kenya and Tanzania) by inspiring communities to re-green their land. This improves livelihoods (crop yields, cattle health, milk yields), improves water and food resilience, encourages biodiversity, restores natural ecosystems, sequesters carbon and cools down the local temperature. By digging ‘Bunds’ (also known as earth smiles) and bringing back millions of trees it helps protect the local people from the ongoing effects of a changing climate, making their lifestyles more sustainable and resilient.  

Long term carbon removal, “reverse mining” with InterEarth
Despite being one of the most impactful climate change solutions, carbon removal is nascent and underfunded. The biggest driver of the climate crisis is that we took the coal out of the ground and burned it. What if we could reverse that process at world-changing scale? This novel approach to carbon removal uses the best process that exists for removing carbon from the air – trees; and enhances it. The biomass is actually returned underground – reverse mining –  locking carbon safely away for hundreds or thousands of years.

Cast your Vote

Together, Frieze and Pinwheel aim to bring together artists, audiences and organisations across the non-profit and private sectors to grow and deepen support for meaningful planet repair. 

More information on Pinwheel can be found on their website.

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