BY Harry Thorne in Culture Digest | 16 APR 16

Weekend Reading List

From Nabokov's butterfly collection to the legacy of Kobe Bryant: the best things we've read this week

BY Harry Thorne in Culture Digest | 16 APR 16

  • Catherine Buni and Soraya Chemaly consider how a history of online moderation has come to influence free speech.
  • Stephanie La Cava talks to Flavin Judd and novelist Eileen Myles about life in Marfa, Texas.
  • In the latest issue of The White ReviewOrit Gat looks at artists' websites and the way that we interract with art online.
  • In his review of Matthew G. Kirschenbaum’s new book, Track Changes: A Literary History of Word ProcessingDylan Hicks recalls the emergence of word processors (trust me).
  • For BBC Culture, Kelly Grovier explores the thinking behind hanging art behind politicians.
  • 'She had a reputation for being an aggressive drunk, and a habit of isolating herself.' Jenni Quilter looks at a new biography of the late American painter Grace Hartigan.
  • John Jeremiah Sullivan considers on the tennis writing of David Foster Wallace, for the New Yorker.
  • At New Republic, Laura Marsh looks at Vladimir Nabokov's butterfly collection.
  • 'No one owns anyone’s culture, and to believe otherwise is to deprive us of the human fullness and richness we all deserve. ' George Packer on race, art and essentialism. 
  • ‘Late Kobe, like late Hemingway, was a throwback to himself’. Nikil Saval on the legacy one of NBA's all-time greatest characters (but definitely not the greatest player).

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