Donald Judd

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An exhibition at the Smart Art Museum, Chicago, questions the role of the market and the possibility of pure aesthetics in single-coloured works

BY Alex Jen | 29 DEC 22

The last work by the artist leaves us in the company of painting’s favourite shape

BY Jamie Limond | 16 OCT 20

The Israeli-born American artist talks about his show inaugurating the Stockholm foundation's satellite space in Jaffa

BY Tal Sterngast | 01 FEB 18

frieze reports from this year's Skulptur Projekte Münster – the once-a-decade exhibition started in 1977 – and explores the changing meaning of sculpture in public space today

06 JUN 17

Flavin Judd talks about protecting his father’s legacy, and how the Judd’s furniture - presented at Frieze New York - got made

14 MAY 17

Although their activities and missions are multiple, the foundations dedicated to New York’s artists all keep their founders’ visions alive

BY Jennifer Kabat | 07 MAY 17

Beautiful, well-made objects now in the care of Judd Foundation

26 APR 17

From Frantz Fanon’s hidden humanism to medieval fan fiction: what to read this weekend.

BY Paul Clinton | 13 JAN 17

Are the roles of artist and writer compatible?

BY Jennifer Krasinski | 31 DEC 16

With her Whitechapel show opening today in London, Mary Heilmann talks about studying in California, ‘home arts’ and surfing

BY Amy Sherlock | 08 JUN 16

From Nabokov's butterfly collection to the legacy of Kobe Bryant: the best things we've read this week

BY Harry Thorne | 16 APR 16

The Kitchen, New York, USA

BY Sam Korman | 12 APR 16

Modern Art Oxford, UK

BY James Attlee | 03 APR 16

The restoration of Donald Judd’s SoHo loft

BY Robert Storr | 13 SEP 13

Kunsthalle Bielefeld, Germany

BY Jörg Heiser | 11 NOV 02