Tom Morton

Tom Morton is a writer, curator and contributing editor of frieze, based in Rochester, UK.

The conflicted cultural legacy of the London 2012 Olympics

BY Tom Morton | 01 MAY 12

Bodily incursions, surgical violence and an ‘uncommon sense of objecthood’

BY Tom Morton | 21 MAR 12

V22 Workspace, Young British Art

BY Tom Morton | 01 SEP 11

Towards a partial typology of anglophone exhibition titles

BY Tom Morton | 01 MAY 11

National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens, Greece

BY Tom Morton | 01 NOV 10

What do the first art works and recent speculations about early man tell us about today?

BY Tom Morton | 01 OCT 10

Swallow street, London, UK

BY Tom Morton | 01 APR 10

Rob Tufnell at 1 Sutton Lane, London, UK

BY Tom Morton | 01 MAR 10

Hats Plus, London, UK

BY Tom Morton | 01 JAN 10

Employing media as diverse as a suspended caravan and a levitating donkey, Lara Favaretto unearths the romance and possibility buried in futility

BY Tom Morton | 01 OCT 09

Human cameras, fortune tellers, unreliable memories – in Lindsay Seers’ work, the truth is not what it seems

BY Tom Morton | 17 JUN 09

Wall texts in museums and galleries are meant to elucidate and educate, why are most badly written, full of jargon, and painfully reductive?

BY Tom Morton | 01 JUN 09

Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, UK

BY Tom Morton | 05 MAY 09