Issue 5
Summer 2012

On the occasion of dOCUMENTA (13), editor Jennifer Allen surveys former artistic directors for their opinions, offering a comprehensive historical background for this year’s edition.

Raphael Gygax looks back at the career of Manon, one of the best-kept secrets of the Swiss arts scene, from the 1970s to the present.

Luca Cerizza tests the principles of appropriation and repetition in the works of Michael Riedel.

Also featured in issue 5: Christy Lange takes a closer look at the photographs of Alexandra Leykauf; Dominikus Müller sees a reawakening of Nature in contemporary art and music; whilst Pablo Larios considers what artists are doing with branded commodities in the age of social networks and Photoshop.

From this issue

Different Locations

Ahead of dOCUMENTA (13), reflections on the exhibition by its previous curators

BY Jennifer Allen |

On soft facts, hard eggs and sweet lies

BY Jan Verwoert |

The growing social bond between consumers and corporations has changed the way artists are working with commodities

BY Pablo Larios |

The project space COCO has closed its doors. What’s next for Vienna?

The resurgence of nature motifs is part of a shift from Pop cultural references to pure atmospheres

BY Dominikus Müller |

CERN seeks collisions with art. On the potential for a philosophical alliance

BY Barbara Preisig |

Georg Kargl Fine Arts

BY Vitus Weh |

The long history of a little gadget: MP3

BY Geeta Dayal |

Michael Riedel records, copies and repeats whatever he can get his hands on and combines the material to create austere and ironic works

BY Luca Cerizza |

Kunsthalle Lingen

BY Cynthia Krell |

What’s behind the tabloid press’s fascination with contemporary art? And how do artists profit from it?

BY Kito Nedo |

This audio file by Michael Riedel accompanies his artist pages in the current issue of frieze d/e

BY Michael Riedel |

In this series, frieze d/e asks artists, curators or writers to reflect upon one word and its impact

BY Carla Accardi |

Since the 1970s, Manon has used staged identities – and glamour – to devise new strategies for femininity

BY Raphael Gygax |

In this series, frieze d/e asks artists, curators or writers to reflect upon one word and its impact

BY Metahaven |

Karma International

BY Gabrielle Schaad |

Alexandra Leykauf turns photographs inside-out to explore their illusionistic properties

BY Christy Lange |

Skating on a turn-of-the-century ramp made by the late Michel Majerus

BY Andreas Schlaegel |

Galerie Bärbel Grässlin

BY Grit Weber |

Laptops, loops and body movements

BY Quinn Latimer |

Galerie Thomas Schulte

BY Mark Prince |

Ab-Ex clichés, living canvases and graveyards

BY Manuela Ammer |

Performance lectures, Hollywood cinema and secret societies

BY Thibaut de Ruyter |

Choose a single object of special significance from your working or living environment

BY Brian O'Doherty |

Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac

BY Jörg Heiser |

Pavillon der Overbeck-Gesellschaft

BY Wes Hill |

Badischer Kunstverein

BY Pablo Larios |

Technisches Museum & ERSTE


BY Max Henry |

Berlinische Galerie

BY Agata Pyzik |

Centre d‘Édition Contemporaine

BY Samuel Gross |

Arp Museum Bahnhof Rolandseck

BY Noemi Smolik |

Wiels Centre for Contemporary Art

BY Kathy Noble |