Issue 185
March 2017

Featuring a city report from Shanghai, and a group of articles looking at the revival of new age spirituality and holistic medicine in the work of young artists and musicians. Also in this issue Mierle Laderman Ukeles discusses her four decades long 'Maintenance' project, we profile the work of sound artist Samson Young, US artist Colleen Asper and Argentinian artist Eduardo Navarro. This issue is also the first showcasing a refreshed design by new art director David Lane.

From this issue

We're beginning to understand what a world in which facts are a matter of opinion looks like. Has the Age of Aquarius finally dawned?

BY Mark Pilkington |

A new video installation from Richard Mosse investigates the refugee crisis

BY Christy Lange |

Moderna galerija, Ljubljana, Slovenia

BY Kate Sutton |

Wellness and new-ages tendencies in the work of Débora Delmar, Institute for New Feeling, Dafna Maimon, Helga Wretman and Lauryn Youden

BY Karen Archey |

Q. What could you imagine doing if you didn’t do what you do? A. Being a charismatic leader.

BY Roger Hiorns |

Josef Albers's secret symbol for the Manuscript society at Yale University

BY George Pendle |

How Colleen Asper's paintings challenge traditional representations of the body

BY Jennifer Kabat |

How Eduardo Navarro's works retrain the senses

BY Sarah Demeuse |

Samson Young's multidisciplinary work confronts the ways in which sound can both transcend borders and enforce them

BY Peter Meanwell |

Is the city stepping out of Beijing's shadow as China's art capital?

The quietly violent works of Alexandra Bircken

BY Amy Sherlock |

From Werner Herzog to Arthur Jafa: contemporary life, or how to make meaning from fragments

BY Negar Azimi |

Author and poet Susan Stewart's new book shows her abiding concern with lyric

BY Brian Dillon |

Eric Wesley's latest project, burritos and the search for Middle America

BY Evan Moffitt |

The boom in Parisian, artist-run spaces 

BY Tom Jeffreys |

Olivia Laing uses dance to prove the existence of tenderness, solidarity and personal freedom

BY Olivia Laing |

The importance of satire in an era of Trump

BY Patrick Langley |

A series of installations and a new LP from artist, composer and percussionist Eli Keszler

BY Michael Barron |

From Donald Trump's post-truth to Andy Warhol's philosophy, and back again

BY Pablo Larios |

Tom Overton reflects on the life of a great storyteller with contributions on his art criticism, broadcasting and fiction

BY Tom Overton |