Issue 1
October 2012

Published in October 2012 to coincide with the launch of Frieze Masters Art Fair, the magazine looks at art from all eras through contemporary eyes.

From this issue

The artist's infamous sculpture prompts debate on the ethics of art conservation and when to accept the death of a work

BY Alison Bracker | 30 SEP 12

More and more artists are re-enacting iconic performances. What does this mean for ‘art of the present tense’ and its relationship to the past?

BY Catherine Wood | 30 SEP 12

In praise of anachronism: how a number of recent exhibitions have been integrating the past with the present

BY Amelia Groom | 30 SEP 12

A new book illuminates Louise Bourgeois' relationship to psychoanalysis

BY Emily Stokes | 30 SEP 12

17 artists write about works of art that have influenced them

30 SEP 12

Brian Dillon visits art historian and novelist Marina Warner to talk about the art, books and objects that have shaped her thinking

BY Brian Dillon | 30 SEP 12

The Director of Nottingham Contemporary shares his notes on the nature and evolution of the artist's studio

BY Sam Thorne | 30 SEP 12

The Director of the National Gallery, London, discusses his favourite writers and paintings, and shares his thoughts on contemporary art

BY Nicholas Penny | 30 SEP 12

‘Eureka’ moments, painterliness and cinema's inferiority complex - a brief history of artist biopics

BY Jonathan Romney | 30 SEP 12