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The visual artist breaks down his reality-shifting short film for Perfume Genius

BY Angel Lambo AND Jacolby Satterwhite | 30 JUN 22

An exhibition in Edinburgh honouring Ray Harryhausen gives film historians the chance to see Medusa, the Kraken, dinosaurs and giant sea creatures

BY Dan Fox | 21 OCT 20

At two solo museum shows, the artist’s animations extend beyond the screen to sculpture, an experimental dance album and merchandise

BY Michael Bullock | 04 NOV 19

The Hong Kong-born artist showcases the darkly comic potential of cartoon visuals

BY Harry Thorne | 15 MAR 19

Clemens von Wedemeyer's films and installations and their battles with points of view 

BY Bert Rebhandl | 06 JUL 16

Repetition and visual liquidity in the videos and animations of Diego Marcon

BY Barbara Casavecchia | 11 MAR 16

Chinese video art, post-socialist trauma and the work of Cheng Ran

BY En Liang Khong | 13 FEB 16

dépendance, Brussels, Belgium

BY Laura Herman | 13 FEB 16

A utopian world-in-progress

BY Harry Thorne | 23 OCT 15

Motion-capture choreography, street fights, Looney Tunes and ‘hybrid cinema’

BY Kari Rittenbach | 19 MAY 13

Digital art in Cuba

BY Rachel Price | 12 MAR 13

Artists' animation

BY Dan Fox | 05 MAY 01