Art Criticism

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The intertwined histories of art criticism and poetry

BY Quinn Latimer |

How taste and preferences change

BY Lynne Tillman |

The collected writings of Richard Bartholomew, one of India’s pre-eminent art critics

BY Shanay Jhaveri |

Informed by the online debris of stock photography, a number of artists are exploring the ‘off-world’ of digital imagery 

BY Isobel Harbison |

Inspired by Peter Schjeldahl and John Kelsey, Sam Thorne delves into art criticism's tradition of untidiness

BY Sam Thorne |

It’s hard to tell the difference these days

BY Francesco Bonami |

An update of Raymond Williams's 1975 dictionary of culture for today's art world

BY Dan Fox AND Jennifer Higgie |

Two new publications look at how reading is changing

BY Leo Robson |

The life and death of public monuments

BY Sean O'Toole |

Peter Schjeldahl questions whether we can speak sensibly about art 

BY Peter Schjeldahl |

Mexico City’s self-appointed ‘Savage Vanguard’ unmask the hypocrisy of contemporary art through a 'montage of plastic moments'

BY Gabriela Jauregui |

frieze asked a range of artists, critics and curators from around the world to choose what, and who, they felt to be the most significant shows and artists of 2010 and what they’re looking forward to in 2011

Revisiting Amos Vogel's essay about the ‘everyday misconceptions’ of the avant-garde film scene

BY Dan Fox |

The New Yorker art critic sketches out the materials to form a perfect Memorial Day celebration 

BY Jennifer Kabat |

The role of art in responding to the Holocaust

BY Jörg Heiser |

Boris Groys in conversation with Brian Dillon

BY Brian Dillon |

Five reasons why the art world is a desperate mess, followed by five responses. Do not read the conclusion until you've read the rest

BY James Elkins |

Criticism is the chance to start a conversation about things that matter

BY Robert Storr |

What criteria do we use to judge art? During the opening of the 4th Berlin Biennial in March, Thomas Demand, Mark Godfrey, Jörg Heiser, Jennifer Higgie, Adrian Searle, Polly Staple and Tirdad Zolghadr gathered on a Saturday afternoon in frieze’s Berlin office to informally discuss, over cheese and strawberries, this very question

One of most iconic and controversial writers of the past 40 years, Tom Wolfe discusses writing, art and intellectual fashion

BY Michael Bracewell |