Art Criticism

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A flaws-and-all reappraisal of the late New York art critic

BY Mitch Speed | 01 DEC 22

Will Fenstermaker looks back on the acclaimed critic’s life and career

BY Will Fenstermaker | 03 NOV 22

The Psychology of an Art Writer provides a beautiful account of Lee’s looking and feeling and thinking and writing about art’

BY Vivian Sky Rehberg | 06 FEB 19

‘I took his reviews in the Independent to be the baseline; what all art criticism looked like’

BY Tim Smith-Laing | 05 FEB 19

Everybody’s favourite underpaid, over-educated, raven-haired art critic, Rhonda Lieberman, is as relevant as ever

BY Gilda Williams | 15 MAY 18

Now out from Rizzoli, a new book collects the collages of the recently-deceased poet and erstwhile art critic

BY Craig Burnett | 28 MAR 18

A rare, newly-published interview with the late October editor, reveals an art critic intent on changing the terms of the debate

BY Aaron Peck | 14 MAR 18

From Robert Walser's art criticism to 'microbial dark matter': what to read this weekend

BY Paul Clinton | 23 DEC 16

Thoughts on John Berger’s prose as he turns 90

BY John Douglas Millar | 03 NOV 16

Hal Foster and Ben Lerner discuss criticism, poetry, painting and what it means to despise the thing you love most

BY Hal Foster AND Ben Lerner | 20 AUG 16

From the poetry of the late Geoffrey Hill to the new literary genre of the 'ultra-unreal': what to read this weekend

BY Paul Clinton | 02 JUL 16

From John Ashbery on art criticism to an analysis of the new populism: what to read this weekend

BY Paul Clinton | 07 MAY 16

From the legacy of Prince to the continued importance of Hannah Arendt: what we've been reading this week

BY Paul Clinton | 23 APR 16

Is it time to eschew the word 'criticism'?

23 OCT 15

Gilda Williams’s new book on how to write about contemporary art

BY Orit Gat | 31 OCT 14

Can’t relate? Don’t worry: you’re not alone

BY Dan Fox | 23 SEP 14

New approaches to exhibition-making in India

BY Shanay Jhaveri | 20 MAR 14

The Age of Anxiety

BY Jennifer Higgie | 12 MAR 14

On teaching criticism and ‘art writing’

BY Brian Dillon | 19 OCT 13

Jennifer Doyle discusses her new book, Hold it Against Me: Difficulty and Emotion in Contemporary Art

BY Jennifer Doyle AND Erik Morse | 18 OCT 13