Candice Lin

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Artist Candice Lin connects the conditions of slave labour involved in building the drug trade’s infrastructure to the continued Orientalizing representations of the drugs themselves

BY Rainer Diana Hamilton | 23 AUG 19

Artists are found in every district in Los Angeles; find Lin in Altadena

17 JAN 19

Poet CAConrad looks at the ways in which the artist addresses the corrosive role of empire in our daily lives

BY CAConrad | 27 SEP 18

For the 2018 edition of the biennial, it’s as if artists feel the need to resolve situations formally where they can’t be resolved for real

BY Travis Diehl | 27 JUN 18

Sam Thorne on the abundance of artists creating clouds, or works that cloud our vision 

BY Sam Thorne | 12 MAR 18

Questioning the way that we interact with violent colonial histories at Portikus, Frankfurt

BY Viktoria Draganova | 27 FEB 18

For art fair week in the French capital, a round-up of the best shows around town

BY Coline Milliard | 17 OCT 17

The body is a troubled thing ...

BY Candice Lin | 10 MAR 17