Catherine Opie

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Jack Halberstam on how abstraction can offer a means of representing, complicating, dispersing and concealing trans embodiment

BY Jack Halberstam | 29 APR 22

The renowned photographer at Frieze Los Angeles 2022 on the politics of representation, coinciding with her inclusion in Black American Portraits at LACMA

19 FEB 22

Marko Gluhaich profiles five figures leading the charge in education in Los Angeles and beyond, from Catherine Opie to Mercedes Dorame

BY Marko Gluhaich | 14 FEB 22

The museum cited ‘creative differences’ for her departure but former colleagues suggest problematic management on her part

15 MAR 18

Thomas Dane Gallery, London, UK

BY Rebecca Swirsky | 15 DEC 17

The artists, curators and dealers proving that passion for historical art is far from a thing of the past

BY Matthew McLean | 03 OCT 17

An analysis of the Uber redesign to Karl Ove Knausgård on Karl Ove Knausgård: our favourite online reads

BY Harry Thorne | 27 FEB 16

Regen Projects, Los Angeles, USA

BY Christopher Bedford | 09 SEP 08