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The artist on why the titular character of his cult graphic novel set in Canada is entering her ‘influencer era’

BY Esmé Hogeveen AND Walter Scott |

Artist Walter Scott on what to look out for in art school

BY Walter Scott |

‘It’s all there: charm, humour, ethics, friendship’

BY Tom Jeffreys |

Stan Lee’s comic book universe; Cerith Wyn Evans on complexity; and is the art world really just about the money?

How will the Black Panther writer, known for his landmark critical assessments of race, take on the quintessential symbol of Americana?

BY Julian Chambliss |

A history of underground Black publishing, from W.E.B. Du Bois to #BlackLivesMatter

BY Ian Bourland |

A different kind of post-internet: the comics of Brian K. Vaughan

BY Jörg Heiser |

A number of young artists such as Patrick Goddard, Marie Jacotey and Stuart Middleton are exploring the possibilites of the graphic novel

BY Patrick Langley |

How humour feeds painting

BY Paul Teasdale |

20th-century illustrations of Fantômas

BY Erik Morse |

Exhibiting comics: the graphic novels of Daniel Clowes and his contemporaries

Comic books and identity; innuendo and homoerotic iconography

BY Max Andrews |