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A solo exhibition at Lagune Ouest, Copenhagen, takes a nostalgic look at the favoured haunt of Danish intellectuals

BY Alice Godwin |

At The National Gallery of Denmark, the artist’s retrospective interrogates the space between coloniser and colonized

BY Alice Godwin |

At Kunsthal Charlottenborg, the artist’s ecclesiastical paintings channel the ethereal visions of William Blake and the earthy primitivism of Paul Gauguin

BY Tom Morton |

For her first solo show dedicated to ceramics, the artist creates a mosaic of free-wheeling motifs from rudimentary forms

BY Louise Long |

At Palace Enterprise, Copenhagen, the artist shines a light on gender bias in male design

BY Alice Godwin |

A compilation of the best exhibitions from across Denmark’s capital

BY Jeppe Ugelvig |

At O—Overgaden, Copenhagen, the artist’s videos hint at an ecstatic climax on a sweat-drenched dance floor

BY Alice Godwin |

In Rezaire’s work, prehistoric West African landmarks stand for enigmas of the past and future

BY Kadish Morris |

The artist and musician talks humour, tragedy and his exhibition, ‘Shitty Heartbreaker’, at Overgaden, Copenhagen

BY Nathaniel Budzinski |

The dual sides to the city’s Cph Art Week

BY Kristian Vistrup Madsen |

Den Frie, Copenhagen, Denmark

BY Maria Kjær Themsen |

David Risley Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

BY Lizzie Lloyd |

Erik Morse interviews Danish chef René Redzepi of noma, Copenhagen

BY Erik Morse |

Various venues, Copenhagen, Denmark

BY Lars Bang Larsen |