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Dancers can now wear pointe shoes that match darker complexions

The ecstatic silliness of breaking the rules is evidenced in this show about the dancers, composers and artists who reshaped American art

BY Russell Janzen |

The legendary sculptor and performance artist talks liquid sculpture, the politics of dance and the liberating qualities of nylon hosiery

BY Osei Bonsu |

Celebrating its 30th year, the international festival showcases the relationship between the city's art scene and its contemporary dance cousins

BY Hili Perlson |

Nods to the game in World Cup celebrations show how dance has gone viral – but unwittingly instrumentalized for commercial interests

BY Gareth Damian Martin |

In New York, the artist untangles the intertwined histories of ballet, avant-garde visual art and clandestine gay life in mid-century America

BY Lizzie Feidelson |

Changing shapes and sizes on stage is a good move, but a complicated one

BY Astrid Kaminski |

From Shanghai to Dubai, a new history charts the frontiers where underground scenes battle big business for electronic dance music’s soul

BY Tom Mouna |

Angelica Mesiti’s films explore the myriad ways humans communicate

BY Tom Jeffreys |

A multi-faceted collaboration between Matthew Barney, Ragnar Kjartansson and the Iceland Dance Company reflects on ritual and religion

BY Isobel Harbison |

On the anniversary of the 2016 Orlando massacre, Brendan Fernandes reclaims the dancefloor as a site of resistance

BY Ian Bourland |

Remembering the choreographer who forever changed the landscape of art and dance

BY Susan Rosenberg |

From eternal music to the secret of eternal life: what to read this weekend

BY Paul Clinton |

From a short history of plagiarism to Trisha Brown's walk: what to read this weekend

BY Paul Clinton |

Olivia Laing uses dance to prove the existence of tenderness, solidarity and personal freedom

BY Olivia Laing |

The award-winning dancer and choreographer reveals plans to fund a water-treatment facility in the Congolese city of Kisangani

BY Sean O'Toole |

On the city’s increasingly fluid fields of contemporary dance and art

BY Emily Cormack |

The Glass House, New Canaan, Connecticut, USA

BY Evan Moffitt |

Ross Simonini talks to legendary American dancer about movement, healing and improvisation

BY Ross Simonini |

Trajal Harrell talks ‘realness’, daydreaming, and his performance Twenty Looks or Paris is Burning at the Judson Church (S)

BY Matthew McLean |