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Remembering the choreographer who forever changed the landscape of art and dance

BY Susan Rosenberg | 31 MAR 17

From eternal music to the secret of eternal life: what to read this weekend

BY Paul Clinton | 31 MAR 17

From a short history of plagiarism to Trisha Brown's walk: what to read this weekend

BY Paul Clinton | 24 MAR 17

What are our bodies allowed to perform?

BY Olivia Laing | 10 FEB 17

On the award-winning dancer and choreographer Faustin Linyekula, who is funding a water-treatment facility in the Congolese city of Kisangani

BY Sean O'Toole | 23 NOV 16

On the city’s increasingly fluid fields of contemporary dance and art

BY Emily Cormack | 12 AUG 16

The Glass House, New Canaan, Connecticut, USA

BY Evan Moffitt | 16 JUL 16

Ross Simonini talks to legendary American dancer Anna Halprin about movement, healing and improvisation

BY Ross Simonini | 07 JUL 16

Trajal Harrell talks ‘realness’, daydreaming, and his performance Twenty Looks or Paris is Burning at the Judson Church (S)

BY Matthew McLean | 27 JUN 16

Larry Levan and the enduring power of disco

BY Evan Moffitt | 06 APR 16

Jacolby Satterwhite talks to Evan Moffitt about animation, sex and choreography

BY Evan Moffitt | 11 MAR 16

Dressing up, ballet, music videos and mutant dance

BY Adam Linder | 25 SEP 15

Rotlicht wird auf sich bewegende Haut geworfen. In Nahaufnahme, gestaucht oder gedehnt, sieht sie aus wie Ein- und Ausstülpungen innerer Organe. Die Härchen mancher Körperstellen flimmern dabei wie eine Invasion von Wimperntierchen. Dazu Schmatzen, Raunzen, Gurgeln, das enervierend unter die Haut geht. Es ist jedoch kein biologisches Mikroskoptheater, das die Kamera von Vong Phaophanit und der Sound von Cathy Lane der Choreografie von Rosemary Butchers Arbeit Scan hinzufügen, sondern ein werkreflexiver Epilog.

BY Astrid Kaminski | 03 SEP 15

Manchester International Festival, UK

BY Amy Sherlock | 18 AUG 15

What are the challenges of producing a dance piece in the form of an exhibition?

Astrid Kaminski talks to Simone Forti, while artists Gerard & Kelly and Maria Hassabi, along with curator Ana Janevski, discuss her influence

BY Astrid Kaminski | 17 DEC 14

The life and legacy of the wildly inventive choreographer and performer Loie Fuller

BY Brian Dillon | 30 SEP 14

The global spread of Chicago footwork

BY David Morris | 18 NOV 13

The New York-based artist talks about character, the West Coast, process and slime

BY Graham T. Beck | 01 OCT 12

Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia, USA

BY Katie Kitamura | 01 JUN 10