Frieze Film Seoul 2022

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A curated program showcasing local and diasporic Korean artists, screened in one of Seoul’s most historic neighbourhoods 

A video essay on unidentifiable illness exploring the chasm between observation and experience

A narrative film that troubles the relationship between labour, capital, power, and so-called freedom, posing the question: what would you do?

A collaborative production that complicates the tension between psychological interior and exterior

A film exploring how even as we slow down with age, capitalism continues to speed up the world around us

A young woman who has lost her father asks to keep a small portion of his ashes 

A tale of two brothers – one straight, one gay – raising questions about marriage, intimacy, family, and queer existence in Korean society 

Rogers washes her body as a ritual of labor and self-care, a metaphor for healing from the repercussions of white supremacy 

Embracing the English autocorrection of her Korean given name, Chung subverts the all-too-common immigrant experience of cultural erasure

Tapping into nostalgia and yearning as overlapping modes of time travel, Rhee sets out to uncover the mechanics of memory and imagination

Sea Jung, Seajun, and Donghyun buy a pet care robot to look after Dodo, an ageing dog