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The Tyrolean artist discusses immersive gallery experiences and his youthful adoration of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, the muse behind his striking exhibition in Paris 

BY Angel Lambo AND Rudolf Stingel | 25 APR 23

Exploring Mitchell’s new exhibition, Chrysalis, at Gagosian, and a special commission for this year’s edition of Frieze Masters. Presented in partnership with Gagosian

18 NOV 22

Fragments that appear torn from boats and vessels are everywhere, as though charting a course through history and geography from one world into another

BY Matthew Holman | 18 NOV 19

Wesselmann’s sculpture attempted ‘to pick up a drawing by its lines and carry it’ into the world

BY Olivia Rodrigues | 13 AUG 19

An exhibition in Rome explores how a move to an ocean-side home effected a transitional late period in this major artist’s work

BY Ana Vukadin | 23 MAY 19

Has the great designer lost sight of what it means to make things that matter?

BY Glenn Adamson | 25 JAN 19

In further news: Tate remembers London’s forgotten women heroes; Pop artist Mel Ramos dies aged 83

19 OCT 18

Catch a glimpse of Frieze Masters 2018

04 OCT 18

Gagosian Le Bourget, Paris, France

BY Lauren Elkin | 02 NOV 17

Gagosian, London, UK

BY Tom Morton | 10 FEB 17

Gregor Muir joins Tate; Richard Prince leaves Gagosian

10 JUN 16

Gagosian, New York, USA

BY Dan Fox | 06 JUN 14