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The director of Vauxhall’s Gasworks gallery shares his neighbourhood highlights, and reveals community spaces, green museums and innovative arts venues

20 JUL 23

At Gasworks, London, the artist envisions a time when half the world’s population is living in a tropical climate 

BY Nevan Spier | 19 JUN 23

At Gasworks, London, the artist explores the possibilities that come with rejecting forms imposed by outsiders and creating our own

BY Juliet Jacques | 15 AUG 22

At Gasworks, London, the artist queers the conventional masculinity of the action-adventure video game 

BY Chris Hayes | 13 SEP 21

‘Militant Desire’, a new series of screenings at London’s Gasworks, revives consciousness-raising discussions

BY Sean Burns | 01 JUL 19

Artists Barby Asante, Libita Clayton and Ashley Holmes are reimagining what it means to go back home

BY Kadish Morris | 26 APR 19

As his show at Gasworks opens in London, the artist discusses postgenderism, power, violence and intimacy

BY Lorena Muñoz-Alonso | 10 APR 19

An immersive installation at Gasworks offers different modes of thinking about ‘the psychic inheritance of an experience for which one has no memory’

BY Derica Shields | 21 MAR 19

A new show at the Japan Society in New York reflects a career’s research into the emergence of the Japanese avant-garde

BY Cleo Roberts | 11 MAR 19

At Gasworks, London, the sea is an archive of disaster, but one containing depths of potential 

BY Tendai John Mutambu | 30 AUG 18

With global issues cutting across disciplines, a number of projects are showing where the mixing of art and science can prove productive

BY Tom Jeffreys | 21 FEB 18

Same same but different

21 OCT 15

Gasworks, London, UK

21 OCT 15

Guilty pleasures at home and far away

BY Amy Sherlock | 30 MAY 14

Gasworks, London, UK

BY Colin Perry | 01 MAY 10

Gasworks, London, UK

BY Ian Hunt | 01 NOV 08