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From tapestries of ‘Tootsie Rolls’ to excerpts from a burnt-out dystopia: here’s what’s on in the UK capital

BY Chris Fite-Wassilak | 10 JAN 19

greengrassi and Corvi-Mora, London, UK

BY Caroline Marciniak | 26 JAN 18

Greengrassi, London, UK

BY Charlie Fox | 19 AUG 15

Simon Ling and plein-air painting in east London

BY Josephine New | 16 MAR 15

Roe Ethridge’s work circulates in the worlds of fashion, commercial and art photography. Christy Lange considers his ‘chaotic inventory’.

BY Christy Lange | 01 OCT 12

Family, literary influence, travel and environment in the work of Moyra Davey

BY Quinn Latimer | 01 MAY 12

As influenced by haute couture as he is by experimental filmmakers, Vincent Fecteau discusses his new sculptures with Bruce Hainley

BY Bruce Hainley | 01 MAY 10

greengrassi, London, UK

BY Colin Perry | 01 MAR 10

Enigmas, paradoxes and riddles: photographs of sculptures and sculptures of photographs

03 JUN 09

greengrassi, London, UK

BY Colin Perry | 01 JAN 08

greengrassi, London, UK

BY Olivia Plender | 10 OCT 03

greengrassi, London, UK

BY Polly Staple | 01 JAN 02