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The winner of the 2016 Turner Prize discusses skeuomorphism, skins and soup - from issue 155

BY Helen Marten | 06 DEC 16

A different kind of post-internet: the comics of Brian K. Vaughan

BY Jörg Heiser | 14 APR 16

A number of young artists such as Patrick Goddard, Marie Jacotey and Stuart Middleton are exploring the possibilites of the graphic novel

BY Patrick Langley | 12 APR 16

A new illustration by Pablo Helguera

BY Pablo Helguera | 07 MAR 16

In our regular series focusing on a single work by an artist, Phoebe Blatton considers Donna Huddleston's monumental new drawing

BY Phoebe Blatton | 13 FEB 16

Artist Peter Wächtler talked to Walter Swennen about the pitfalls of poetry and painting as an impure practice

BY Peter Wächtler AND Walter Swennen | 13 FEB 16

Arken Museum of Modern Art, Ishøj, Denmark

BY Laura Smith | 21 JAN 16

New Museum, New York, USA

BY David Reisman | 10 DEC 15

The intermingling of art and illustration in the work of Catrin Morgan, Jockum Nordström, Tomi Ungerer

BY Charlie Fox | 01 JUN 15

Wolf-whistling at fallen angels in Lukas Duwenhögger’s imagined worlds

BY Charlie Fox | 20 FEB 15

Illustration and art history collide in Sanya Kantarovsky’s paintings

BY Scott Roben | 27 OCT 14

20th-century illustrations of Fantômas

BY Erik Morse | 22 SEP 14

The first in an occasional series in which an artist, curator or writer discusses the buildings and environments that have most influenced them

BY Pablo Bronstein | 01 JUN 12

Comic books and identity; innuendo and homoerotic iconography

BY Max Andrews | 21 MAR 12