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On the occasion of a major survey at Centre Pompidou, Paris, Homi K. Bhabha speaks about the distinctive philosophy of cultural cosmopolitanism found in the artist’s paintings

BY Homi K. Bhabha | 28 APR 23

Musician Sumeet Samos on how Dalit music has helped mobilize against caste violence and institutional discrimination

BY Sumeet Samos | 22 MAR 21

The inspired demonstrations include singing, dancing, poetry readings, impromptu exhibitions and a monumental fluorescent light sculpture

BY Skye Arundhati Thomas | 24 JAN 20

As the full communications blackout enters one month, we must take action – not only to declare solidarity but to profoundly critique the times we live in

BY Skye Arundhati Thomas | 03 SEP 19

Based on the 2014 Badaun gang-rape allegations, ‘Article 15’ fails to disrupt its ‘Brahmin saviour’ narrative

BY Skye Arundhati Thomas | 30 JUL 19

What many call a national movement is far from it: the price for people to tell their stories remains too high

BY Skye Arundhati Thomas | 09 NOV 18

In further news: world’s biggest arts venue lands in Taiwan; Brooklyn’s Signal gallery to close

23 OCT 18

An eclectic group of artists, from different backgrounds and styles, united in rejecting nostalgic, orientalist nationalism

25 SEP 18

Presented at the Rubin Museum, New York, can art offer a way of viewing nature as an actor in its own right?

26 JUN 18

‘Sarkari Shorts’ and the Films Division of India

BY Shanay Jhaveri | 29 MAY 14

The spectres of the culture wars

BY Kaelen Wilson-Goldie | 29 NOV 13

The pioneering gallerist Kekoo Gandhy

BY Shanay Jhaveri | 13 SEP 13

Chatterjee & Lal, Mumbai, India

BY Heidi Fichtner | 01 MAR 10

Devi Art Foundation, Gurgaon, India

BY Devika Singh | 01 NOV 08