James Richards

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At WIELS in Brussels, the artists present a multimedia dystopia of disenchanted desires and endless searching

BY Stanton Taylor |

‘I held (and hold) his ideas and ethics like a compass’

BY Lauren Cornell |

Following a joint residency at CERN, the artists' collaborative show at Künstlerhaus Stuttgart looks at science from a layman's perspective

BY Kirsty Bell |

With a current show at Künstlerhaus Stuttgart, the artist talks about story-telling, ‘self-erasure’ and the importance of speech and language in her work

BY Dan Kidner |

Highlights of the exhibitions and performances taking place during Berlin Art Week 

BY Emily McDermott |

The best of the National Pavilions across the city and the Fondazione Prada’s intricate, collaborative exhibition

BY Pablo Larios |

Channelling an array of found footage into his sound and video works, James Richards tests the limits of depicting visceral materiality

BY Kirsty Bell |

James Richards will represent Wales at Venice and Yuri Pattison wins the Frieze Artist Award

Why has abjection gained renewed currency in art?

BY Kirsty Bell |

With 'Burning Down the House', Jessica Morgan proves her though and testing nature

BY Paul Teasdale |

Informed by the online debris of stock photography, a number of artists are exploring the ‘off-world’ of digital imagery 

BY Isobel Harbison |

The artist used low-resolution images in installations and curated film programmes

BY Paul Teasdale |


BY Dan Fox |