On Kawara

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‘Still Alive’ registers the inequity inherent in the world while imagining a trajectory to a future unburdened by rigid categories of identity


BY Christopher Whitfield | 24 AUG 22

The photograph from the blaze at Frankfurt’s MMK exposes the fundamental task of every museum

BY Carina Bukuts | 02 AUG 19

Contemplating deep space and ‘cosmic archaeology’, the artist reflects on her fascination with the universe beyond planet Earth

BY Katie Paterson | 06 JUN 19

‘This is the passing of time visualized through a contrapuntal freezing of it’

BY Harry Thorne | 08 FEB 19

Q. What do you wish you knew? A. There are so many things

BY Candida Höfer | 12 JAN 17

Camille Henrot, Alex Hubbard and On Kawara: Evan Moffitt shares his highlights from 2015

BY Evan Moffitt | 11 JAN 16