Lee Bul

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At the Seoul Museum of Art, rarely seen footage of the artist’s militant performances documents the precedents of her international renown  

BY Park Jaeyong | 08 APR 21

How cyborg identities have empowered women to challenge societal norms

BY Yae-Jin Ha | 16 MAY 19

‘You can’t reason with him but you can ridicule him’ – lightweight as it is, Trump Baby is a win for art as a legitimate form of protest

BY Ellen Mara De Wachter | 11 JUL 18

The gallery’s anniversary celebrations include reduced tickets to its landmark Lee Bul exhibition

10 JUL 18

The opening of a major new exhibition by Lee Bul was delayed after one of the South Korean artist’s works caught fire

01 JUN 18

In a climate of perma-outrage has live art self-censored to live entertainment?

BY Hettie Judah | 31 MAY 18

Reopening after a two-year hiatus, London’s brutalist landmark is more than a match for the photographer’s blockbuster capitalist realism

BY En Liang Khong | 25 JAN 18

Various venues, Gwangju, South Korea

BY Paul Teasdale | 31 OCT 14