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‘We need more advocates across gender lines and emphatic leaders in museums and galleries to create inclusive, supportive and generative spaces’

BY Charlotte Day | 13 AUG 18

With Art Week in town, a guide to the best exhibitions to see, from sonic surveillance to Ronnie van Hout’s showdown with himself

BY Sophie Knezic | 31 JUL 18

Design-focused, craft-based and entwined in the politics and poetics of movement, the NGV Triennial’s most memorable works are future-orientated

BY Ena Grozdanic | 13 FEB 18

National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia

BY Inga Walton | 16 DEC 17
City Report

On the city’s increasingly fluid fields of contemporary dance and art

BY Emily Cormack | 12 AUG 16

West Space, Melbourne, Australia

BY Sophie Knezic | 22 APR 15

Finding warmth in the pernicious world of advertising, Alex Vivian acts as a brain-stormer, composer and copywriter at Flake, Melbourne 

BY George Egerton-Warburton | 04 DEC 13

Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

BY Kit Wise | 05 MAY 08
City Report

From frontier town to multicultural metropolis, the second-largest Australian city embraces a grass-roots approach to culture that weaves the experience of contemporary art into everyday life

BY Max Delany | 05 MAY 08