Nina Beier

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A visit to the artist’s Copenhagen studio revealed an obsession with animals, objects and commodity fetishism

BY Jeppe Ugelvig |

A new one-night-only contemporary arts festival in London

BY Matthew McLean |

Kunstverein in Hamburg

BY Matthew Rana |

Various venues, Biel/Bienne, Switzerland

BY Barbara Casavecchia |

Europe’s fastest-growing city is home to a supportive community of artists, curators and writers. From independent spaces in the Grønland neighbourhood and the influential Academy of Fine Art to OCA’s uncertain future and Renzo Piano’s divisive Astrup Fearnley Museet, Jason Farago and Milena Hoegsberg report from the Norwegian capital

BY Milena Hoegsberg AND Jason Farago |

Galeria Stereo, Warsaw, Poland

BY Krzysztof Kościuczuk |

Where does a sculpture start and where does it end? Since Rodin the answer has been unclear. Today, artists are finding very different solutions to the persistent problem of the pedestal

BY Manuela Ammer |

Laura Bartlett Gallery

BY Colin Perry |