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At Schloss, Oslo – located in a former Porsche workshop – car windows becomes canvases for mystical scenes of origins and afterlives

BY Timotheus Vermeulen | 08 AUG 18

The artist queers the canonical histories of art and theatre, pointing to how things might actively and fantastically engage in being otherwise

BY Martin Hargreaves | 20 APR 18

The artist investigates tensions between the sturdy and the fragile, and the public and the private at VI,VII, Oslo

BY Timotheus Vermeulen | 23 FEB 18

Esperanza Rosales of VI, VII talks about her love of Oslo, and the ethos of artist-run galleries

04 MAY 17

Museum of Contemporary Art, Oslo, Norway

BY Wendy Vogel | 17 JAN 17

Oslo Kunstforening, Oslo, Norway

BY Eleanor Ivory Weber | 17 NOV 16

A report from SOPPEN, Oslo, a performance festival uniting queer, trans and feminist artists

BY Wendy Vogel | 01 SEP 16

A round-up of the best current shows in the city

BY Harry Thorne | 20 JUN 16

Europe’s fastest-growing city is home to a supportive community of artists, curators and writers. From independent spaces in the Grønland neighbourhood and the influential Academy of Fine Art to OCA’s uncertain future and Renzo Piano’s divisive Astrup Fearnley Museet, Jason Farago and Milena Hoegsberg report from the Norwegian capital

BY Milena Hoegsberg AND Jason Farago | 13 APR 13

Since the early 1960s, Peter Watkins has explored film’s potential as a medium of communication and catharsis 

BY Jonty Claypole | 01 SEP 12

Office for Contemporary Art, Oslo, Norway

BY Martin Herbert | 12 MAR 09