Pablo Bronstein

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‘People younger than myself will be under the false impression that performance has always been taken seriously’

BY Pablo Bronstein | 26 SEP 19

The collateral exhibitions at the 58th Venice Biennale tackle social issues from class to surveillance

BY Sean Burns | 13 MAY 19

With the opening of Artissima this week, a guide to the best shows and events across the city

BY Barbara Casavecchia | 31 OCT 17

From an inflatable anti-capitalist dragon to the shattered shadow of Robert Burns: highlights from this year’s Edinburgh Art Festival

BY En Liang Khong | 01 AUG 17

Two short videos about arches, art and architecture

15 OCT 16

Artist Pablo Bronstein discusses the ubiquitous architectural form

14 OCT 16

A tour of artist Pablo Bronstein's house

11 SEP 14

Time-travelling with Pablo Bronstein

BY Charlie Fox | 12 AUG 14

The first in an occasional series in which an artist, curator or writer discusses the buildings and environments that have most influenced them

BY Pablo Bronstein | 01 JUN 12

Independent publishing has seen a boom in new imprints, often designed by artists, of classic novels and ‘lost’ books

BY Michael Bracewell | 06 JUN 08