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Pilot Press’s hit ‘Queer Anthology’ series is coming to an end after four years – what’s next for the indie publisher?

BY Chris Hayes | 31 AUG 21

Across spaces in London, authors, artists and collectives from southwest Asia, north Africa and the wider diaspora fuse storytelling and performance to preserve personal histories

BY Hiba Mohamed | 15 JUL 21

Her lyrical, haunting novel Celestial Bodies exposes the global forces that preclude literary value from flowing in both directions

BY Sarah Jilani | 30 MAY 19

‘The salient factor wasn’t ever its printedness; Dot Dot Dot just took its own form seriously to think about things we see and how’

BY Pablo Larios | 30 JAN 19

Publishing elegant, peculiar studies in fine attention and finer craft, how the small London press is producing some of the best writing around

BY Cal Revely-Calder | 06 JUN 18

A tribute to the iconic New York journal: a platform through which founder Andy Warhol operated as artist, hustler and public intellectual

BY Sarah Hromack | 31 MAY 18

‘Very often, the answer to why not would be: because you’re a girl’ – for this series, writer Fran Lebowitz speaks about her experience in the arts

BY Andrew Durbin | 09 APR 18

An interview with Barry Miles, the co-founder of ’60s underground newspaper International Times

BY Robert Barry | 12 OCT 17

Skulptur Projekte Münster artist list announced; Andrea Rosen to close her New York gallery; increasing numbers call for the closure of LD50

24 FEB 17

A history of underground Black publishing, from W.E.B. Du Bois to #BlackLivesMatter

BY Ian Bourland | 20 DEC 16

Tim Smith-Laing talks to Rasheed Araeen about six decades of art making, writing and publication

BY Tim Smith-Laing | 24 OCT 16

The books that have influenced the publishing collective ATLAS Projectos

BY ATLAS Projectos | 23 OCT 16

Following the recent New York Art Book Fair at MoMA PS1, Dan Fox profiles three independent publishers

BY Dan Fox | 23 SEP 16

The multiple worlds of Hugh Frost and Leon Sadler’s experimental magazine-turned-exhibition, Mould Map

BY Jamie Sutcliffe | 16 SEP 16

YJ Wang and Xiaopeng Yuan talk about their curatorial and publishing project, Same Paper, and their Shanghai-based studio and independent bookstore, Closing Ceremony

BY Francesca Tarocco | 25 JUL 16

Why start a print magazine?

BY Elizabeth Glickfeld | 13 AUG 14

Gentrification and independent publishing in San Francisco

BY Jarett Kobek | 18 OCT 13

The radical journal and independent publisher has long been an open-ended enterprise, the product of innumerable people and their own tangled itineraries

BY David Morris | 09 SEP 13

The mutating activities of DIS

BY Kevin McGarry | 14 MAR 13

The fall and rise of independent bookshops and publishing

BY Eugenia Bell | 20 MAR 12