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Two videos at Gladstone Gallery, Seoul displace their viewers into the role of aides to the algorithm

BY Jaeyong Park |

A Cape Town retrospective showcases the diverse accomplishments of an artist whose Ndebele-inspired graphical style led to collaborations with BMW and Comme Des Garçons

BY Allie Biswas |

A group exhibition at Tai Kwun Contemporary in Hong Kong argues for feminist-ecological consciousness as a mode of resisting colonial oppression

BY Ysabelle Cheung |

At Selma Feriani, Tunis, the artist uses the ruins of the ancient city of Carthage to find connections between the past and the present

BY Chloe Stead |

Assembled by an all-Thai curatorial team, the third Thailand Biennale brilliantly exhibits the rich cultural milieu of the country’s Golden Triangle, near Laos and Myanmar

BY Vipash Purichanont |

At STPI Creative Workshop & Gallery, a modest survey of the artist reflects on how we share and absorb information and knowledge

BY Andrew Maerkle |

An exhibition in Toyko sees the artist engage one of the earliest forms of photography to capture quiet, almost apparitional, landscapes

BY Nicholas Gamso |

At Jameel Arts Center, Dubai, a group show examines the role of hospitality in the UAE and the wider Gulf region

BY Rahel Aima |

At Gypsum, Cairo, the artist’s new series shows the ease with which art is turned into a decorative commodity

BY Yasmine El Rashidi |

At The Treehouse, Lagos, the artist evokes the Yoruba concept of àse into visions of men enacting rituals in dialogue with unseen gods

BY Emmanuel Balogun |

A public exhibition at the Pyramids of Giza offers sun, sand and monumental landscapes with a dash of Burning Man

BY Rahel Aima |

Multi-media sculptures and a video work installed at the Leeum Museum of Art, Seoul, create a playfully immersive environment

BY Hayoung Chung |

At Green Art Gallery, Dubai, a group exhibition underscores the significance of textile art and its ability to weave together a narrative of meaning

BY Yalda Bidshahri |

At P21, Seoul, a group show of intimate mixed media works draws on Byung-Chul Han’s revolutionary The Agony of Eros (2017)

BY Wong Binghao |

At Darat Al Funun, Amman, the artist uses abstraction to address troubled histories

BY Nadine Khalil |

At Museum MACAN, Jakarta, the artists’ large-scale installations made of discarded objects capture the emotional resonances of overlooked communities

BY Hilary Thurlow |

An exhibition of video work at MoCA Taipei highlights the affinities between the regions but also the logistical hurdles that prevent full reciprocal exchange

BY Christopher Whitfield |

Created as a memorial to suffering, this year’s iteration sees a shift in both the exhibition and the city toward a new historiography

BY Park Jaeyong |

At the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Naarm/Melbourne, the artist’s videos, drawings and found objects engage subversive wordplay and internet culture to undermine gendered, racialized and colonial institutions

BY Hilary Thurlow |

At Galeria Luisa Strina, São Paulo, the artist recontextualizes artifacts from the country’s colonial and religious past

BY Camila Belchior |