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At Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow, the late Russian artist’s paintings of faces consider what it means to be human

BY Valerie Mindlin |

Russia’s artists see Olga Lyubimova as a chequered figure – but anybody has to be better than her predecessor

BY Maxim Edwards |

The influence of Isaac Levitan’s 1897 painting Spring, High Water on 20th-century film

BY Tom Jeffreys |

In further news: V&A’s Dior show sold out; San Francisco’s Jewish Museum accused of ‘pinkwashing’

BY Frieze News Desk |

In further news: German pavilion announces artist for Venice; Emmanuel Macron urges art world to fight extremism

Pyotr Verzilov is in a critical condition in a Moscow hospital after losing sight, speech and mobility

The artist and activist, who spent two years in jail for performing a ‘punk prayer’, was stopped from travelling to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe

There are perils in deploying bigotry to score political points, but meanings also shift from West to East

BY Aliide Naylor |

‘I am for free Pussy Riot,’ the performance artist says, in solidarity with jailed members of the Russian punk-feminist collective

The punk artists’s invasion of the pitch during the Croatia vs. France match reminded us what Russia’s new ‘normality’ really means

BY Aliide Naylor |

The punk activist-artists have been charged with disruption after they charged the field during the France vs Croatia match

Serpentine swimmers complain about Christo’s floating pyramid; and Hermitage’s psychic cat is a World Cup oracle: the latest in art world silliness

BY In the Name of Art |

A new series of screenings in New York tells a bracing account of filmmaking under the Russian leader

BY Vadim Rizov |

Pussy Riot and the commodification of protest, a tale of shakshuka, and books of the mind: what to read this weekend

A slew of exhibitions commemorates the centenary of the Russian Revolution 

BY Tom Jeffreys |

Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia

BY Harry Thorne |

Filmmaker Sergei Loznitsa’s exploration of the post-Soviet condition

BY Bert Rebhandl |

The consequences of Russia’s cultural policies

BY Valentin Diaconov |

From Russia to the UAE — to boycott or not to boycott?

BY Jennifer Higgie |

By putting Pussy Riot on trial, the Russian authorities inadvertantly made them a household name

BY Valentin Diaconov |