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Contributing editor Jonathan Griffin on ageing and fallibility

BY Jonathan Griffin | 14 APR 20

The art world is not the world, but what the world needs, artists need, too

BY Evan Moffitt AND En Liang Khong | 28 MAR 20

In our first issue of the new decade, we look back on some of the best (and worst) of the last ten years and find a few reasons to be excited for 2020

BY Amy Sherlock | 01 JAN 20

On the odd fraternity between investor Peter Thiel and literary theorist René Girard

BY Pablo Larios | 31 OCT 19

Some thoughts on transience, in art and life

BY Jennifer Higgie | 26 SEP 19

On the 50th anniversary of Stonewall, we should take up the call of the women who fought on the front lines of the LGBTQ rights revolution

BY Evan Moffitt | 07 JUN 19

To address the ‘interesting times’ alluded to in the title of the 58th Venice Biennale, we must challenge the language we use to describe them

BY Andrew Durbin | 02 MAY 19

frieze’s Editor-at-Large considers what it means to move on

BY Dan Fox | 20 MAR 19

In an era marked by dishonesty, what of the age-old assumption that the eyes cannot lie?

BY Harry Thorne | 20 FEB 19

From Budapest to Liverpool, a resurgent far-right poses a great threat to cultural freedom

BY En Liang Khong | 24 SEP 18

Even as right-wing politics increasingly tries to enforce them, remembering that nature and art know no borders

BY Evan Moffitt | 16 AUG 18

In this era of rapid change, an introduction to some of the artists responding to the here and now

BY Jennifer Higgie | 30 MAY 18

New York in spring: Andrew Durbin turns to film as a way of diary-keeping

BY Andrew Durbin | 22 APR 18

A brief look at arts funding, the future of museums, and the dangers of efficiency

BY Paul Teasdale | 14 MAR 18

Learning to appreciate the laws of perspective

BY Dan Fox | 08 FEB 18

On losing faith in generalism, learning to listen and embracing doubt 

BY Jonathan Griffin | 19 DEC 17

Our complex relationship to the world's oceans 

BY Amy Sherlock | 16 OCT 17

On the benefits of not knowing 

BY Jennifer Higgie | 25 SEP 17

The importance of visiting galleries in the flesh 

BY Jennifer Higgie | 13 SEP 17

Losing your place in the world 

BY Kirsty Bell | 14 AUG 17